Welcome to the Swiss Dual Career Platform

Important note:
With ETH being a corporate member of the International Dual Career Network (IDCN), the Swiss Dual Career Platform, founded and operated by Eawag, is not needed anymore. If you are the life partner of a mobile employee (dual career couple) working in one of the institutions of the ETH Domain, please consider to become a member of IDCN (International Dual Career Network). You can register via IDCN webpage and you can afterwards join the local IDCN LinkedIn group.

Webpage IDCN:

LinkedIn Group IDCN Zurich Area:

LinkedIn Group IDCN Geneva Area:

LinkedIn Group IDCN International:

If you are a researcher, please consider EURAXESS, the pan-European platform for (job) information and support services for professional researchers.

Thank you for being a member / follower of the Swiss Dual Career Platform.